Purpose of Establishment

The Buyeo National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (BCH) was founded based on the Iksan Mireuksa Temple Site Archeological Excavation Center on May 9, 1990 to support the work of surveying and researching cultural heritages in the Baekje cultural heritage area.

Thus the BCH conducts archeological excavations and research on fortresses, temples, and other major heritages dispersed throughout Buyeo, Gongju and Iksan, and uses the accumulated survey data in research on the restoration of Baekje fortresses, on heritages from the Sabi period, and on the internationalization of Baekje heritages. Alongside these efforts, the BCH systematically preserves, manages and displays the excavated heritages, opening them up to the general public.

On the basis of such research and survey efforts, the BCH is discovering traces of the way of life of our Korean ancestors and publicizing them to the wider Korean public, thereby contributing to the preservation and development of the nation’s traditional heritages.


Baekje Historic Area Survey

We survey important temples and historic sites, and state-protected historic sites to maintain and restore them, as well as conducting pre-surveys of historic sites to designate them as such.

Research on the cultural heritages of Baekje

Comparative study of ancient temple sites in Korea, China, and Japan / Research on the restoration of Baekje’s capital / Academic surveys of sites of demolished Baekje temples / Research on archaeological fabrics / Workshop in the Royal Palace / Comparative Study of ncient Gardens in East Asia.


Conservation of Excavated Relics

Our institute has carried out various excavation surveys of historic sites in the former territories of the Baekje Dynasty.



International Cultural Heritage Cooperation Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea National Palace Museum of Korea Korea National Commission for UNESCO