Restoration Technology Division, established on August 16, 2005, is engaged in the development of technology and materials for the restoration of cultural heritages, the diffusion of restoration technology, and the provision of international training. The Conservation Science Center was established between 2005 and 2008 to conduct the relevant work. Since 2009, the division has performed its heritage restoration work.

Development Research of Restoration Technology

Since 2009 we have conducted R&D on technology and materials for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritages. Regarding the basic data for restoring heritages, we define the causes of damage nd deterioration, and conduct R&D on restoration materials and echnology, thereby providing measures applicable to the conservation and restoration of heritages.


Survey Monitoring Image

Survey Monitoring

We use biological science techniques to perform scientific research related to biological and chemical influences on organic artifacts such as paper and fabrics, as well as taking precautions against the biological damage


Basic research on the conservation ethics code

The Conservation Ethics Code is a basic job guideline designed to help the staff in making rational decisions on the process of conserving and restoring heritages by stage.


Spread of Conservation Technology

To promote the diffusion and utilization of heritage conservation technology, we sought to arrange the various conservation technologies and materials applied according to heritage materials - including metal, wood, paper and fabrics.


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