Monitoring in the Area of Animals

We monitor Natural Monuments (animal habitats) and conduct research on the relevant areas in order to use the results in conservation policies.

Research in the Area of Animals

A total of 100 animals have been designated as Natural Monuments (as of the end of February 2012), and they are protected and managed accordingly. They include 11 animal habitats, 6 animal migratory areas, 14 animal breeding areas, 47 birds, 12 mammals, 4 fishes, 3 insects, 1 reptile, and 2 marine animals. Since 2009, as part of a mid- and long-term project, we have conducted research on the artificial breeding and preservation of otters and Korean orange whiskered bats. Since 2009, we have conducted as a mid- and long-term program research on artificial multiplication and preservation of animals designated as natural monuments. We also preserve animal habitats and migratory areas, and collect and conserve “natural monument animals” that died during rescue and recovery. Subject to approval, we also produce taxidermy and skeleton samples of Natural Monuments for use in research, exhibition and education.

Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) image

Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra)

Korean Orange Whiskered Bat image

Korean Orange Whiskered Bat

만족도 조사 이 페이지의 정보와 사용편의성에 만족하시나요?