The Research Division of Natural Heritage (RDNH) responsible for systematic research and display related to Natural Monuments and noted scenic spots, thereby increasing the value of natural heritage.

Natural Monument Center Image

Natural Monument Center

To raise public awareness of the cultural and ecological value of Natural Monuments and to more effectively carry out related research, survey, exhibition and education activities, a new exhibition hall was created inside the Natural Monument Center on April 12, 2007.

Survey of Resources in the Plant Area Image

Survey of Resources in the Plant Area

This survey aims to identify patterns of changes in natural monuments (such as ancient, gigantic trees and forest areas, etc.) to offer systematic management measures.

Research on Traditional Landscapes Image

Research on Traditional Landscapes

We conduct research with the goal of laying the academic groundwork for conserving and managing famous traditional landscapes and natural protection areas. Since 2006, the CHA has planned measures for activating the designation of famous landscapes and their protection.

Survey of Resources in the Geological Area Image

Survey of Resources in the Geological Area

We aim to conduct research on and monitor Natural Monuments (sedimentary structures and fossils) and to survey such resources with a view to proposing heritage conservation measures.

Monitoring in the Area of Animals Image

Monitoring in the Area of Animals

A total of 78 animals have been designated as Natural Monuments, and they are protected and managed accordingly. They include 11 animal habitats, 6 animal migratory areas, 14 animal breeding areas, 27 birds, 10 mammals, 4 fishes, 3 insects, 1 reptile, and 2 marine animals.

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