Survey of Korean Traditional Patterns

Reports on design and patterns appearing on fine art works are published to shed light on the origin of the country’s traditional patterns and preserve their prototypes. Digital contents on design and pattern stock illustrations are provided through the Internet.

Traditional Design and Pattern Documentation Project

This project aims to ascertain the values and esthetic sensibility of our ancestors by shedding light on the traditional patterns used to embellish the country’s cultural heritage objects and recording them. The project is being carried out in such a way as to make it possible to use such refined decorative patterns as modern design materials. Since 2006 we have published a total of eight survey reports, including The Country’s Traditional Patterns, by surveying the patterns found in historic sites and relics. These materials contain explanations of specific patterns, along with photos and illustrations, to make it easier to understand the meanings contained in them and their esthetic quality. Illustrated materials related to the patterns are provided on the Internet ( for easy access by the general public.

Research Accomplishments

2006 Traditional Designs and Patterns of Korea I: Textiles (Uri Nara Jeontong Munui I: Jingmul)
2008 Traditional Designs and Patterns of Korea II: Ceramics (Uri Nara Jeontong Munui II: Dojagi)
2009 Traditional Designs and Patterns of Korea III: Mother-of-Pearl and Ox-horn Crafts (Uri Nara Jeontong Munui III: Najeon, Hwagak)
2009 Early Modern and Contemporary Mother-Of-Pearl Designs: Designs handed down from Najeon Artisan Song Byeong-eung (Hanguk Geun-hyeondae Najeondoan: Najeonjang Songbyeongeung jeonseung Doan)
2010 Modern and Contemporary Mother-Of-Pearl Designs: Designs by Najeon Artisan Kim Bong-ryong (Hanguk Geun-hyeondae Najeondoan: Najeonjang Kimbongnyong Doan)
2012 Traditional Patterns of Korea-5 Metal Handicrafts,
2012 Traditional Patterns of Korea-6 Metal Handicrafts,
2013 Traditional Patterns of Korea- 6 Roof Tiles and Bricks,
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